What patients say . . .

Emotional Well Being


Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) 
"After surviving a massive accident in which I broke 3 ribs, my sternum, my hip, and nearly every bone in my face, in addition to cracking my skull and undergoing life-saving brain surgery, I started to have major stress issues soon after. Although I had a miraculous physical recovery, the damage to my energy and balance was overwhelming. I was struggling with panic attacks, hemorrhoids, and disturbing thoughts. After just a few weeks in acupuncture therapy, Jeanne's healing power radically shifted my entire body system. The hemorrhoids went away, the panic attacks ceased, and my mind came to be at ease. I am so lucky that I met her. Though I had never used acupuncture before, I am definitely a convert. It is so much less invasive, less costly, and less impersonal than western approaches in the clinic or hospital. On top of that, Jeanne is extremely friendly and caring. Give it a shot, if you know whats best for you."  
Chadkus - Brooklyn 

"After one session with Jeanne I felt better then I had in months, and after my second session I'm finally sleeping after months of sleepless nights.  She needles gently, with profound precision for your needs.  I highly recommend her for new as well as veteran acupuncture patients."  
A.P. - NYC

Anxiety & Insomnia
"Jeanne successfully helped me manage anxiety and insomnia.  All that was to prepare for the real goal of getting pregnant.  Three months into our sessions I found out I was in fact pregnant, and I have no doubt Jeanne's skill with acupuncture and supportive, therapeutic approach in working with me were the reason it happened then."  
Beth M., - Harlem, NYC

Preventive Health Care


"For everything from mysterious yoga injuries to allergies, Jeanne has a way of getting it to go away. Without regular treatments, New York's high-stress lifestyle would have done me in long ago. She's incredibly knowledgeable, and also very caring and laid-back.  I've been going to acupuncturists for 20 years, and Jeanne's the best!"
Wadamek - Morningside Heights, NYC

Chronic Ailments
"Both my wife and I have seen Jeanne Atkin to address various health issues over the past 3 years with terrific results. With a combination of acupuncture, Chinese herbs and suggestions for cooking and eating healing foods, Jeanne has helped us tremendously with various short- and long-term health issues including relieving shoulder and lower back pain, managing thyroid imbalance and peri-menopausal issues, prostatitis, allergies, stress management, and insomnia. Jeanne's personal nature and her office environment are calming and soothing. We always feel as if we are 'walking on air' after an acupuncture visit!" 
J. Lee - NYC

Weight Loss
"Jeanne Atkin has worked wonders with my body. After I let her stick needles in me and I took my herbs like a good patient, my chronic cough, my urgent bladder cleared up and my lower back stopped hurting within days. After a few sessions, my lipedema (a chronic swelling in my legs) had gotten noticeably better. Jeanne also tweaked my diet a bit and, as a result, I effortlessly lost ten pounds. She's very intuitive and doesn't go to extremes. I can't recommend her highly enough." 
Marissa Piesman - Hudson Heights, NYC

Respiratory & Autoimmune


Energy and Migraine Headaches
"Eight months ago, I began getting acupuncture treatments from Jeanne. 
At that point, my system was so depleted I could hardly walk. My energy level has improved greatly under her treatment, and I was able to get through a bad winter including some exhausting travel without even getting a cold, much less flu.  The treatments also helped with vertigo and migraines. She is a sensitive and caring acupuncturist and I highly recommend her."
M.T. - Washington Heights, NYC


Musculoskeletal Conditions and Traumatic Injuries


Chronic Back Pain
"I had my first treatment with Jeanne about three years ago.  I have had a chronic back problem since age 14 and it flared up again after running a marathon. After a few treatments it was immeasurably better and it has not been re-activated since then.  I've had several sports related injuries over the years and I've rarely felt the sort of effective, pharmacology free relief that acupuncture seems to provide. Jeanne's diagnostic acumen and calm healing manner is unquestionably a significant part of the treatment's effectiveness.  Thanks to Jeanne I now use acupuncture as my first line of treatment."  
P. Heron, LCSW - NYC

Sports Injuries  
"Jeanne Atkin has worked wonders for me through acupuncture. For the last couple years I've gone to see Jeanne for various sports injuries. I had a head on collision with a tree while skiing last winter which left my left upper leg limp and in excruciating pain. I've had multiple basketball injuries from bruises to sprained ankles to jammed fingers. Even after one visit the pain and swelling always decreases significantly and almost immediately, and the mobility of the affected area naturally increases simultaneously. The difference and efficacy in the healing process after receiving Jeanne's acupuncture treatment is impossible to ignore in comparison to not receiving treatment. As a huge bonus, I always feel very at peace and relaxed after each session. Those needles really get your Qi flowing."
J. Herson - NYC

Debilitating Knee Pain 
"I was suffering from debilitating knee pain for about eight months before consulting with Jeanne Atkin and was very apprehensive about trying acupuncture.  But she really put me at ease and was able to make such a positive impact that not only did I become comfortable with the sessions after the first two, but actually looked forward to them!  I started to feel better after just a few sessions and now feel almost back to normal.  My seasonal allergies have gotten better also!!!  I've learned that Western medicine doesn't always have all the answers!!!"  
Jeannie Kim - NYC

"I have been a patient of Jeanne Atkin for over three years and I continue to benefit from each treatment I receive from her. She has treated me for a variety of ailments, from chronic bronchitis and respiratory conditions, to tendonitis and carpal tunnel syndrome. Thanks to Jeanne's treatments, I finally survived several winters without serious respiratory problems. The tendonitis has been greatly reduced by the treatments, which combine acupuncture, tui na and herbal liniments.  She is a devoted and compassionate practitioner who applies her knowledge of TCM to whatever difficulties I am having. Jeanne is an invaluable person in my health care, from whom I am so fortunate to be able to receive treatment."                        Diana Smith-Barker - NYC

 Bone fracture 
"Jeanne began treating me after I received a fracture in my ankle from a high impact injury, and after just one acupuncture session I immediately noticed the swelling and bruising around my ankle reduce significantly. She is kind, easy to talk with, and has done wonders to speed up my recovery time.  I would definitely recommend her to anyone suffering from either long term repeat stress injuries or high impact acute injury, or anyone simply in need of relaxation."  
T. Dolan, Washington Heights, NYC

Reproductive & Fertility


Complementary Support for IVF
"After about 8 IUI attempts and one unsuccessful IVF treatment, I was open to anything that may improve my chances and decided to try acupuncture.  I was referred to Jeanne Atkin by another acupuncturist and started weekly treatments before my 3rd IVF. Because I was seeing her regularly, Jeanne was often able to integrate treatments for non-pregnancy related conditions – like stress from work, a cold, etc.  I found the nearly hour-long treatments to be deeply relaxing.  Nine months later with a healthy baby boy due to arrive soon, I can say with confidence that acupuncture played an important role in my being able to conceive. and maintain a healthy pregnancy.  One more reason to try - my teacher in my birthing class just recommended acupuncture to prepare for a safe and healthy delivery by starting four weeks prior to the due date."  
C. Izzi – Morningside Heights, NYC                                         

Partial Prolapse of the Pelvic Floor
"Jeanne has treated me for many ailments - from the purely mundane (flu, cold, arthritis) to a complicated post-partum condition.  Jeanne first treated me in the last four weeks of my pregnancy to tone and facilitate an optimal environment for the baby as well as to ensure that the baby would not be breach.  After giving birth to my son, I was left to heal a 4th degree tear as well as partial prolapse, which was not properly diagnosed by doctors.  She also prescribed royal jade cream (a Chinese herbal salve) for my stitches.  With this cream, not only did I avoid infection, but when the doctors looked at the wound after four weeks, they said that they had never seen anybody heal so quickly.  Acupuncture treatments helped with the nursing and made me feel stronger, less tired and clear of mind.  She advised me with diet and nuturiton that helped to increase my milk supply.  Once I stopped breastfeeding I began treatment with her for partial prolapse of the pelvic floor.  With herbs and acupuncture I saw a concrete, noticeable improvement  It saved me from having to have surgery.  Jeanne has a calm, nurturing and soothing personalityand I have always looked forward to my appointments!  I feel so well taken care of with Jeanne and I recommend her unconditionally!" Eva Woods - Hudson Heights, NYC

Interstitial Cystitis
"I started going to Jeanne after I was diagnosed with Interstitial Cystitis, a chronic bladder disease.  After just one treatment I began to notice less pain in my pelvis - and my other symptoms began to disappear. Jeanne is a warm and understanding woman, who was easy to talk to about my embarrassing bladder issues.  She, without a doubt, helped to heal me.  I have been seeing Jeanne now for about a year, I was going every week...now I go about once a month.  After my first treatment, I tried to describe to my husband what I felt like.  I said, "I feel really relaxed, but not tired....I feel really energized, but not shaky like when I have coffee." He said to me "Honey, what you feel is called calm." I highly recommend Jeanne for whatever ails you."
P.T. - NYC