Experience an ancient, holistic medical system
that will leave you deeply relaxed, renewed and nourished. 

Through observation, listening, inquiry, and touch
I practice the simple, logical and time honored art of the Chinese medicine practitioner.
Whether a chronic or acute illness brings one through the door,
or simply a desire to feel one's best,
I get to meet a person who is looking for a deeper connection to health and well being.
I love sending people back out into the world deeply relaxed,
renewed and excited about what they have learned about themselves.

 Let the transformation begin . . .

Traditional Chinese medicine includes acupuncture, Chinese herbal therapy,
Tui Na massage, Qi Gong rehabilitative exercises, dietary and life style suggestions.  

"Jeanne helped me get through a painful miscarriage & pregnant again in 6 months. While she was at it we also improved my digestion, stress level & an auto immune issue that had been bugging me for years.  I recommend her to everyone for ailments or general well-being. She's top-notch."  Laurie G. - NYC

Acupuncture has now been recognized by Doctors, scientists and leading western health organizations (WHO) as beneficial in treating myriad conditions including:  
reproductive health & fertility, mental/emotional issues, digestive disorders, musculo-skeletal pain & injury, pulmonary conditions, neurological disorders, preventive healthcare, supportive therapy for patients undergoing chemotherapy & radiation, and much more.