Chinese medicine philosophy has said for thousands of years that food is our first medicine. We are finally catching up…

It’s almost miraculous how injuries and illnesses can be healed by simple dietary changes.  An easy way to start is simply by paying attention to eating seasonally and locally.  If it’s a cold season you want to eat warmer foods. If it’s a hot season you want to eat more cooling foods.  In all cases we want a strong digestive fire.  Digestion takes up a lot of our energy or qi so we are doing our bodies a big favor by eating foods that are more easily digested.  The less our digestion has to work, the more qi our bodies have to direct toward illness or injury.  Makes sense, right?  Our digestive system likes warmth so think about some small changes to make a big difference.  No ice in your drinks, less raw foods, more steamed or sautéed vegetables. 

Here’s a delicious and nutritious soup that you can whip up quickly which is chock full of nutrients.

Creamy & Delicious Green Vegetable Soup

2-3 large leeks
2 bunches swiss chard (or broccoli, asparagus) 
Generous amount of shiitake mushrooms  - at least half of the plastic bags or more
8 cups vegetable broth
1 cup unsweetened coconut milk

Clean and chop leeks, vegetable and shiitakes
Sauté the leeks and shiitakes in olive oil until tender
Throw in the green vegetable and sautée until wilted (if broccoli add sooner)
Add broth, coconut milk, salt and pepper  and bring to boil

Simmer for 30-40 minutes
Let cool then blend (an inversion blender makes this super easy)  

* I add more coconut milk - you can add to taste