Through observation, listening, inquiry, and touch
I practice the simple, logical and time honored art of the Chinese medicine practitioner.
Whether a chronic or acute illness brings one through the door,
or simply a desire to feel one's best,
I get to meet a person who is looking for a deeper connection to health and well being.
I love sending people back out into the world deeply relaxed,
renewed and excited about what they have learned about themselves.

Traditional Chinese medicine includes Acupuncture, Chinese Herbal Therapy,
Tui Na Massage, Qi Gong Rehabilitative Exercises, Dietary and Life Style Recommendations


 "Jeanne Atkin has been my acupuncturist and colleague for a good while now. Her commitment to her clients is deep and genuine. As a health care practitioner myself (I am a licensed massage therapist) I am always seeking excellent practitioners to refer my clients to when their needs do not fall within the scope of my practice. I always feel confident in recommending Jeanne, knowing that they will receive thoughtful and conscientious treatment in her care. I highly recommend Jeanne Atkin to anyone seeking healing through Acupuncture and Chinese Herbal Medicine."  
Alison Laird Craig, LMT


Acupuncture has now been recognized by Doctors, scientists and leading western health organizations (WHO) as beneficial in treating myriad conditions including:  
reproductive health & fertility, mental/emotional issues, digestive disorders, musculo-skeletal pain & injury, pulmonary conditions, neurological disorders, preventive healthcare, supportive therapy for patients undergoing chemotherapy & radiation, and much more